Onkyo Home Entertainment Co., Ltd., parent company of Integra, Elite, and Onkyo AVRs continues to support and refine select existing models to answer the needs of Custom Integrators and AV enthusiasts.  Web Setup enables advanced users to configure all parameters of the AVR Setup Menu from any web browser, eliminating the need to view the On Screen Display or front panel.  This is especially helpful when the AVR is located in an equipment rack, away from the viewing area.  The updated AVRs also work with leading remote monitoring systems (Domotz® and OVRC Pro®), allowing the integrator to create a temporary secure tunnel into the AVRs Web Setup interface from anywhere.

After Updating, enter the AVR IP address in a web browser.

Username: ciuser

Password: ciuser

The following AVRs are supported:


TX-NR797 TX-RZ740 TX-RZ840

FW: R119-0607-1131-0028